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A More Personal Perspective

Sat on the Rocks

Sometimes we need to take a look inward to see which direction to go. Getting an understanding of ourselves and how we interact with others can be a powerful tool for a better life and career. 

Working with Aurelius Press founder, Gary Monti, PMP, we offer insights to potential career preferences and personality understanding to build a better path. 

Assessments offered are the Majors Occupational Environment Measure™ (OEM Assessment) and the Majors Personality Type Elements™ (PT-E Assessment).

The OEM offers individuals a way to explore career paths of preference and avoidance according to their work interests, tasks/activities and environmental settings. 

To help you achieve greater success, the assessment provides valuable information about how you direct your energy, take in information, make decisions, and how you orient to your environment. The PT-E uses newer methods making it faster to complete and provides more accurate results than other comparable Jungian Psychological Type assessments.

Contact us at the phone number or email below to get going with your career!

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