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What Am I Doing?

Life in general, has no map, no instructions, no tutorials or other guides and we are left to use our surroundings to figure things out. More important than those surroundings, which can include parents, schooling, environments, etc., is coming to understand the one key piece that links everything together: you.

You need to get Perspective. Do you understand yourself and where you are headed (if you are actually headed anywhere), where you want to head, what is preventing you from getting there, and what will get you there? It’s okay, most of us don’t.

Self-awareness is a lost art. In the modern-day Burger King world (you want it your way, right away) where so many people rabbit hole on tic-toc and YouTube for hours, it makes it that much more difficult to take the time needed to make ourselves better. The world is designed to stop you, to distract, and persuade you to take the easy path. Everything seems to be a trap for your attention. It will take effort to change that and focus on yourself. It will take effort to find perspective.

Many people don’t want to do this because we have to admit things that we don’t want to. We have to admit we are lost or we have to admit we don’t know what we are doing. Maybe admit we messed up, that we need to work on ourselves, we have to admit we aren’t perfect. It’s more difficult than you think. Try standing up in front of your family, friends, or coworkers and admit your weakness…without rationalizing or justifying or making excuses.

There are different ways to help you understand yourself. This can range from journals to assessments to talking with a professional. Which direction you go there is up to you. Don’t you think it’s time to get that perspective?


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